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Why list your unit on ManhattanBNB?

Today, property hosts are spoilt for choice in how they market their listings. With all of these options, why list your unit with ManhattanBNB?

You are the master of your own domain

ManhattanBNB is founded by property hosts, so we believe in giving you full control over your home and your business operations.

Not only does this mean you set your own prices and fees, but you can set your own house rules, vet guests however you see fit, and collect payment however and whenever you like.

Do you want to collect a security deposit? That’s up to you! Uncomfortable with a certain guest? You’re free to decide who to let into your home. As your parents might have said, “in my house, my rules!”

Get more guest leads

As a marketing platform, we introduce you to potential guests and give hosts the freedom and autonomy to communicate offline (email / phone / etc.) and book guests however you like. A large percentage of our visitors are from Canada and Europe, and our domestic visitors come from all around the United States.

We don’t gatekeep you to communicating through us: in fact, you’re more than welcome to list with us and continue marketing through other channels!

ManhattanBNB is not a booking platform, but we highly recommend hosts stay up-to-date on local regulations and tax requirements.

Damage protection

Guests are screened against public and proprietary databases of bad actors when responding to your property advertisements, giving you full transparency as to who you are welcoming into your home.

And for added peace of mind, hosts on the ManhattanBNB platform are protected from up to $50,000 of damage per booking. Read more here to learn about host protections, but in a nutshell, we strive to resolve compensation claims within five business days.

No fees

That’s right! Unlike vacation rental platforms, where fees can amount to a significant share of a booking’s value, you are welcome to negotiate a price directly with guests with ManhattanBNB earning no commissions or fees.

Sounds great! How do I list my unit?

Listing is easy - just fill out this quick form to get started:

Not convinced yet? Send us a note at

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