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ManhattanBNB Introduces Protection for NYC Hosts

ManhattanBNB’s partnership with Superhog implements a robust guest-screening process and offers damage protection to hosts

ManhattanBNB is proud to announce our pioneering partnership with Superhog, the trusted digital platform for short-term rental damage protection.

Through this partnership, hosts on ManhattanBNB’s platform will now benefit from up to $50,000 in damage protection per booking, marking a significant step forward in vacation rental safety.

How it works

Guests on the ManhattanBNB portal are required to verify their name, email address, and phone number. Superhog, ManhattanBNB’s partner, cross-references this data against the firm’s proprietary database and conducts booking screening to instantly appraise the level of protection that a host will receive.

An Approved booking means that hosts will receive up to $50,000 of damage protection.

A Flagged booking usually occurs with invalid data, and will result in $1000 of damage protection.

A Rejected booking means that we suggest not proceeding with the booking. No damage protection is available.

This screening occurs once a host has confirmed payment from the guest. Hosts have 24 hours after confirming payment to decide whether to cancel the guest’s booking inquiry.

How to make a claim

Hosts are strongly advised to document the condition of a property both before the guest’s arrival and after the guest’s departure. Hosts are further advised to submit claims within ten days of a guest’s checkout.

ManhattanBNB and Superhog strive to resolve compensation claims within five days. Hosts should reach out to the ManhattanBNB team for help making a claim.

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