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Room with Private bathroom and Patio

Shared home in Ridgewood / Flushing, Queens

Hosted by Hiokit, 5★ guest rating

What type of unit is this?

Shared home

How many guests can stay in the unit at one time?

1 guest

How many beds and bedrooms iwll guests have access to?

1 bedroom, 1 bed

Is the unit exclusively prepared for your setup, or might some personal items be present?

Not exclusively for guests

How many bathrooms iwll guests have access to?

1 bathroom

Is parking provided? And if so, is there an additional cost?

Free parking

Total price: $95.00
No security deposit

You'll stay in a private room with access to the shared kitchen.

⭐️ Private bathroom and private patio. Private entrance to the house.
⭐️ 35-45 minutes to Manhattan.
⭐️ 15-20 minutes to Bushwick, Williamsburg.
⭐️ 15-minute walk to the subway station, 5 minutes to bus stops.
⭐️ Many restaurants, shops, and supermarkets nearby!

We're located in Ridgewood (Queens), next to Bushwick (Brooklyn) - a safe, diverse, and friendly neighborhood with the perfect blend of local culture, convenience, and serenity.

❤︎ Your room
Your room faces the backyard and is very quiet and peaceful.

❤︎ Your bathroom
The bathroom is OUTSIDE of your room next to the kitchen (A few steps away from the room), and it’s your private/personal bathroom.

❤︎ Your patio
Enjoy your private patio! The door to your private could also be used as your private entrance to the room. There are about eight steps of stairs to the patio.

❤︎ Shared Kitchen
Feel free to use the shared kitchen to heat up or prepare simple meals. Please be mindful of others and treat our home the way you’d like your home to be treated! :)

❤︎ Supermarket
There are a few supermarkets within walking distance:
1 local supermarket where you'll find all the fresh produce and local goods, 1 big chain supermarket, and a few European (German, Italian, and Polish) supermarkets that sell European delicacies and food!

❤︎ Laundry
There are two laundromats within a block or two from our home. We provide a laundry bag for your convenience!

🚫 No smoking
No smoking/vaping anywhere inside the house. Any lingering cigarette odor or evidence of smoking indoors will incur a $250 fine.

🚫 Unauthorized over-occupancy
Unauthorized over-occupancy (Ex: if you bring a second guest and your reservation only shows one guest) will immediately cancel your stay.
Visitors are allowed in your private space only.

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We’re committed to providing the best experience for you, and we simply ask for mutual respect and transparency in return. Thank you for understanding!

Guest Reviews

5★ guest rating

AI-generated summary of reviews:

  • Cleanliness and organization
  • Responsive and accommodating hosts
  • Comfortable and well-equipped amenities

Safety tips on ManhattanBNB

1. Read the reviews, which can help make an informed decision around property quality, lising accuracy, host quality, neighborhood insights, and more.

2. Get to know your host. Consider a phone call to build trust and understand their policies around cancellation and security deposit

3. Understand the neighborhood, including safety, public transport, and proximity to services like grocery stores.

4. Read the rental agremeent. If applicable, ask for a rental agreement that outlines all the terms and conditions of your stay, including when payments are due and provisions around security deposits.

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