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Gorgeous 3-bed house

Whole home in Fort Greene, Brooklyn

Hosted by Victoria, 5★ guest rating

What type of unit is this?

Whole home

How many guests can stay in the unit at one time?

6 guests

How many beds and bedrooms iwll guests have access to?

3 bedrooms, 4 beds

Is the unit exclusively prepared for your setup, or might some personal items be present?

Exclusively prepared for guests

How many bathrooms iwll guests have access to?

3 bathrooms

Is parking provided? And if so, is there an additional cost?

No parking

Total price: $1,300.00
Security deposit (refundable): $1,500.00

Bright, stylish, three-story home in one of Brooklyn's most sought-after historic neighborhoods, available for a ONE-MONTH rental in July.

Bright, stylish, three-story home in one of Brooklyn's most sought-after historic neighborhoods, available for ONE-MONTH rental in July. Steps from the subway, a quick ride to Manhattan and a short walk to popular Brooklyn eateries, the Barclays Center and the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Ideal for family visits or small groups or for someone who needs a summer refuge in New York.

You'll have the run of our lovely home, which has a newly-renovated, airy kitchen and dining room and downstairs w.c. and shower. On the second floor is a gracious living room that overlooks a small park and the master bedroom with ensuite bathroom. There's a Peleton bike with a guest account if you are inspired to work out and a smart TV. On the third floor you'll find two bedrooms and a bathroom with a tub/shower.

We have a five-star listing on Airbnb. If you also have an Airbnb or VRBO profile, let us know!

Guest Reviews

5★ guest rating

AI-generated summary of reviews:

  • Beautiful and comfortable space with well-equipped kitchen
  • Great neighborhood and convenient location
  • Excellent host with prompt communication and helpful amenities

Safety tips on ManhattanBNB

1. Read the reviews, which can help make an informed decision around property quality, lising accuracy, host quality, neighborhood insights, and more.

2. Get to know your host. Consider a phone call to build trust and understand their policies around cancellation and security deposit

3. Understand the neighborhood, including safety, public transport, and proximity to services like grocery stores.

4. Read the rental agremeent. If applicable, ask for a rental agreement that outlines all the terms and conditions of your stay, including when payments are due and provisions around security deposits.

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