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Cozy Room Nolita /Chinatown

Shared home in Chinatown / Nolita, Manhattan

Hosted by Doc, no guest reviews

What type of unit is this?

Shared home

How many guests can stay in the unit at one time?

1 guest

How many beds and bedrooms iwll guests have access to?

1 bedroom, 1 bed

Is the unit exclusively prepared for your setup, or might some personal items be present?

Exclusively prepared for guests

How many bathrooms iwll guests have access to?

2 bathrooms

Is parking provided? And if so, is there an additional cost?

Paid parking

Dates not available. Consider choosing some different dates, or selecting another property.

Cozy private room with private full bath and bike rental. Located near all shops and Public transport. In the heart of all the action. Just a few blocks to soho a short walk to LES or one street over is the famous Mulberry street. Perfect for the real nyc Experience

This is a Shared apartment. Tje layout is amazing. The guest bedroom is separated from the master by the kitchen and common space. The kitchen is available for use and the bathroom is 100% your own as I have a master bath. There is plenty of storage and the room has a twin sized bed. The building is a close k of community as there are not many apartments. This house gets AMAZING early morning light as well as FANTASTIC Golden hour lighting. There is a large window and fire escape. With a view of the street below. The rental also includes a bike rental as well with helmet.

Guest Reviews

No guest reviews

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3. Understand the neighborhood, including safety, public transport, and proximity to services like grocery stores.

4. Read the rental agremeent. If applicable, ask for a rental agreement that outlines all the terms and conditions of your stay, including when payments are due and provisions around security deposits.

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