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Big Room in SoHo/Little Italy/Chinatown, Manhattan

Shared home in SoHo / Little Italy / Chinatown, Manhattan

Hosted by Moying, 4.9★ guest rating

What type of unit is this?

Shared home

How many guests can stay in the unit at one time?

2 guests

How many beds and bedrooms iwll guests have access to?

1 bedroom, 1 bed, 1 sofa/cot

Is the unit exclusively prepared for your setup, or might some personal items be present?

Exclusively prepared for guests

How many bathrooms iwll guests have access to?

1 bathroom

Is parking provided? And if so, is there an additional cost?

No parking

Total price: $440.00
Security deposit (refundable): $0.00

My apartment is in the middle of Little Italy & Chinatown in Lower Manhattan. It’s next to Soho, Nolita, Tribeca, Little Paris & East Village, near the West Village, NYU, Hudson Square, Brooklyn Bridge, World Trade Center, Wall Street & the Financial District. There’re lots of coffee shops, bars, clubs, restaurants, supermarkets, art galleries & museums here. You’ll have the pink room (150 sqft or 14 sqm). I’ll have the small room. We share the living room, kitchenette and bathroom.

My home is on the corner of Grand & Mott Streets and next to Little Italy, Little Paris, Nolita, Soho, Tribeca and East Village in Lower Manhattan. A super cool, convenient, popular and safe neighborhood with many fun places to go. The prices in Chinatown restaurants & shops are reasonable and the food is authentic and excellent. The public transportation is very convenient. It takes a 5 to 10 minute walk to subways 6, B, D, N, Q, R, W, J, Z, F, A, C, E, and a 5 to 15 minute walk to the 6 different Chinatown long distance bus stations. The A subway taking you to the JFK Airport is a 10 minute walk. By transit, the World Trade Center Station is 15 minutes, Penn Station 18 minutes and Port Authority Bus Terminal 25 minutes away.

There are free street parkings all day on the weekends and after 10pm from Monday to Friday in my neighborhood. There will be many people looking for free parking during these hours, so if you are lucky you’ll find a free spot! Also, there are many parking garages with a fee in my neighborhood.

Guests are welcome to use everything in the kitchenette (microwave, refrigerator, rice cooker, water boiler, coffee beans & bean grinder and French press, etc.) and shower.
Although my apartment is small (300 sqft or 28 sqm), the pink guest room is spacious (150 sqft or 14 sqm). The shower is a standing shower in the kitchenette and the sink is next to it. The toilet room is next to my bedroom, so guests will need to walk pass my little bedroom to get to it. Please don’t worry about privacy because my room will be separated by thick curtains.

Although our rooftop has beautiful views, our building management has put a sign at the entrance of the roof noticing us not to go up there (except emergency) due to safety concerns, so please be aware of this.

The rooms have an open air layout (separated by thick curtains) that limits our privacy, but I’m quiet and will respect your privacy. I would be happy to socialize with you if you want, or give you all the space you need.

I’ll be available for questions by phone, text or email at anytime.

Check-in is after 3pm and check-out is before 11am. You may have early arrival and/or late departure times. If you arrive early, please check with me to see if you could come drop your luggage and get the keys early, and then give me some time to prepare your room. If you have a late departure on your check out day, you could either keep your luggage at my home till you have to leave for your flights, or check out at 11am and store your bags at a luggage storage near my home. The price is about $6 per day for each suitcase.

Little Italy and Chinatown are at the center of one of the oldest classical and historical areas in Manhattan. Most residential buildings here are 5 floor walk-up buildings built in early 20th century. My apartment is on the top floor of a 5 floor walk-up building, so guests will need to walk up 4 flights (a total of 69 steps, and the stairs are relatively narrow) to get to my home. If you travel with heavy suitcases, please keep in mind that there isn’t any elevator in my building.

Please be aware that due to the enormous population density, tourism popularity and tremendous amount of restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs and food markets, etc., New York City is prone to all kinds of insects. Our city has made all the efforts trying to exterminate insects, yet it’s impossible. Since my neighborhood is super popular with a huge amount of tourists and restaurants, supermarkets & street markets, our buildings are even more prone to insects. Therefore, please be cautious about any food or drinks you may bring in and make sure you seal them. As you know certain smells attract insects. Thank you in advance!

Our building’s water heater is always on, and it’s large water tank is in the basement. When you take a shower during the rush hours (7am-10am; 11am-1pm; 5pm-10pm) while many of my neighbors are using the hot water, it runs very smoothly; but when you shower during the other hours while very few neighbors are using the hot water, especially in the 12am-7am sleeping hours, you will need to turn the hot water on and let it run for a while till it warms up. I understand nobody likes to waste water by keeping it run, but there is not much we could do due to the old building nature. Thank you for your understanding.

Guest Reviews

4.9★ guest rating

AI-generated summary of reviews:

  • Moying is a kind
  • Welcoming and hospitable host
  • Prime location in chinatown with easy subway access
  • Clean and comfortable space
  • Some noise due to city ambiance

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