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ManhattanBNB Partners with Superhog to Enhance Safety for NYC Vacation Rental Providers

The partnership aims to boost confidence in the NYC vacation rental market by implementing a robust guest-screening process and offering damage protection to hosts

NEW YORK CITY - May 27th, 2024 - ManhattanBNB, a leader in advertising safe and affordable New York City vacation rental accommodations, today announced a partnership with Superhog, the trusted digital platform for short-term rental damage protection. This collaboration is set to significantly enhance security and peace of mind for both hosts and travelers, tackling some of the most pressing challenges in New York City’s vacation rental industry.

Through this pioneering partnership, hosts on ManhattanBNB’s platform will now benefit from up to $50,000 in damage protection per stay arranged through advertising on ManhattanBNB, marking a significant step forward in vacation rental safety. By joining forces, ManhattanBNB and Superhog are reshaping New York City’s tourism industry, ensuring that both hosts and guests enjoy a trusted and secure vacation rental booking experience.

This collaboration comes at a time when visiting New York City is becoming increasingly inaccessible. The enhanced protections and reliability provided by this partnership make the Big Apple's unique allure more attainable and secure for visitors.

“Though the risk is remote, our hosts are concerned about potential damage and the risk of squatters," said Amy Huang, Director of Host Affairs at ManhattanBNB. "Partnering with Superhog not only strengthens our platform's trust and safety but also introduces robust verification processes that hosts can leverage to assure them about who is entering their homes. This ensures a more secure environment for hosts, encouraging them to open their doors to visitors, while offering guests a seamless and trustworthy experience.”

“We started Superhog to bridge prevention and protection for property hosts,” said Humphrey Bowles, CEO and co-founder of Superhog. “Our partnership with ManhattanBNB promises to deliver enormous benefits for hosts, guests, and property managers, as we together invigorate and revive vacation rentals in New York City.”

Unlike other platforms, ManhattanBNB champions the autonomy of local hosts, granting them full control over their homes and their small businesses through its uniquely local advertising platform. The platform accommodates a diverse range of travelers, from budget-conscious individuals to families seeking spacious accommodations, all without the high costs and fees typically associated with hotels and vacation rental services.

ManhattanBNB invites travelers to explore its extensive collection of vacation rentals at Hosts interested in leveraging their platform to enhance their small businesses are encouraged to apply at For more information, please contact

About ManhattanBNB

ManhattanBNB is a unique vacation rental advertising platform rooted in a partnership with New York City-area hosts. Dedicated to empowering local hosts, ManhattanBNB offers them complete control over their homes and business operations by directly connecting hosts with New York City visitors, setting it apart from traditional vacation rental platforms. For more information, visit or contact

About Superhog

Superhog is a digital trust platform specializing in damage protection. Superhog combines cutting-edge technology and data-driven solutions to power its best-selling product Know Your Guest, the all-in-one risk management platform for short-term rental hosts. Media inquiries:

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