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Introducing Listing Families - for you and your family

Introducing Listing Families on ManhattanBNB

At ManhattanBNB, we believe that vacation rentals are the ideal solution for families traveling together. Not only do vacation rentals offer more space, but the ability to house multiple guests under a single roof is imperative to the family traveling experience.

However, for those traveling in larger groups—say, four or more guests—it can be challenging to fit everyone into a single unit. NYC units are famously small, making it difficult to find a vacation rental that can accommodate a family of four, let alone a larger group of six, eight, or even more.

To address this, we are thrilled to introduce Listing Families on ManhattanBNB!

A "family" of listings consists of two or more listings that are extremely close to each other. We use a 5-minute walk threshold, but in practice, many of our "family" listings are actually within the same building.

When visitors search for accommodations for 4 or more guests, they'll be shown "families" of listings that can collectively accommodate their entire group. This feature is incredibly helpful for larger groups wanting to stay together and means that our hosts with multiple listings in a single building might see a single group book a block of nights in one fell swoop.

With Listing Families, ManhattanBNB aims to enhance the travel experience for larger groups, ensuring everyone can enjoy the city together while still having the comfort and convenience of staying close to each other.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to improve your ManhattanBNB experience!


Explore our Listing Families and book your next NYC adventure with us today! Visit to learn more.

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